“In the Beginning…”

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Did God create the known universe and everything in it?  Creationism is the belief that He willfully did just that.

There are two main schools of thought regarding Creationism:  Old-Earth Creationism (OEC) and Young-Earth Creationism (YEC).

Old-Earth Creationism (OEC) is the belief that the earth itself is much older than the events of Genesis 1:1 would seem to indicate.  According to many biblical scholars and theologians, interpreting the chronology set forth in the bible literally would make the earth approximately 6,000 to 7,000 years old – maybe 10,000 on the outside.  Old-Earth Creationists believe that the earth and subsequently the universe are much older.  There are two main theories used to explain the apparent discrepancy between biblical events as described in Genesis 1:1 and the age of the earth itself.

  • The “gap” theory contends that there was an infinite time gap between the events taking place in Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 – 2:3.
  • The “day-age” theory contends that each day represented in Genesis 1:1 was an infinite period of time designated by God as one day.

Both indicate some kind of infinite or unknown time gap that was represented by a day in the bible.  The OEC belief would explain how the earth and universe seem to be much older than what the bible itself indicates.

Young-Earth Creationism (YEC) is the belief that the earth is actually quite young (between 6,000 and 10,000 years) and that God created it to appear much older than it really is.  This theory contends that dinosaurs actually existed, but that they were living at the same time as man.  It further indicates that the dinosaurs were virtually wiped out by the worldwide flood and that the actual age of the fossils we find today is deceiving as a result of the geological changes that took place during and after the flood.

Young-Earth Creationism contends that the biblical day is always represented by a 24 hour period unless portrayed in prophesy when a day is then represented as a year.

There seems to be considerable evidence to support the YEC theory even though it isn’t readily obvious.  Man is now able to create real diamonds in a matter of months, not years and the same is true for oil.  Experiments have shown that it does NOT necessarily take millions of years for diamonds or oil to form.  Man can now re-create the process and develop them in a matter of months.  The diamonds that can be manufactured are of a quality that professional jewelers have a difficult time being able to distinguish from the real thing!

If a worldwide flood truly DID occur as represented in Genesis 6-9, the tremendous pressure from billions of tons of water as well as the billions of tons of sedimentary deposits that would be left after the water subsided could easily cause the kind of pressures required to create oil deposits from the organic matter left behind as a result of the dead people and animals killed as a result of the flood.  The pressure from the combination of water and leftover sediment could cause premature fossilization and miscalculations involving attempts at man-made age determining processes in the 20th century and beyond.

Additional supporting evidence that dinosaurs may have existed during the same time period as man are in the legends of dragons existing in nearly every culture across the entire planet from Asia to Europe to the Americas.  Legends of dragons have been depicted in ancient statues, writings, hieroglyphs, paintings and drawings.  While science seems to pretty much write them off as nothing more than legends, it should be remembered that legends are usually based in fact and with so many depictions and legends of the same creature in so many different cultures that not only existed in different time periods, but also had no way to communicate with each other, maybe there is MORE than just a little truth behind the existence of dragons.  In nearly every case, dragons have the ability to fly.

Pterodactyls and other flying dinosaurs would have had the best chance to escape the Great Flood and survive.  Many of the legends also indicate that dragons could emit fire from their mouths.  Is it possible that this depiction could be an embellishment of the original legend and that they may have been able to regurgitate stomach acid or even spit venom in much the same way as a cobra can spit its venom causing burns and possibly death?  Is it possible that they could have had enzymes or bacteria in their saliva could have caused burns much like the bacteria in the saliva of a Komodo dragon will cause death not long after a bite?  These are things that cannot be determined one way or the other.  They are only possibilities, but they are possibilities that should not be overlooked.  Science cannot determine whether or not a Pterodactyl or other flying dinosaur would have been able to regurgitate stomach acid, spit venom or what kind of effect their saliva might have on human skin.

So where are these “dragons” today?  It’s very likely that man would have hunted them to extinction many years ago.  The English legends regarding dragons would suggest this as it was custom for a knight to prove himself by slaying one.  Their size would have provided a great deal of meat and their hides could have provided clothing, foot coverings and maybe even shelter.  These animals could have been used by man for many different things and it is unlikely that very much would have been wasted.

So where is the evidence?  We’ve seen evidence of flying dinosaurs in fossilized remains, but nothing to suggest they were hunted by men, right?  Just because we haven’t found it doesn’t mean it isn’t there somewhere.  Man at that time would have used every part of the animal including eating the bone marrow and carving the bones into different usable and decorative items as well as weapons.  All told, anything edible would have been consumed, hides would have been used and very likely unrecognizable as having been a dinosaur hides and bones would have been broken down and carved up to make any number of usable items, weapons and utensils.  The original animal would have been consumed and used for all its parts and non-recognizable hundreds or thousands of years later – especially by archeologists who were not looking for them because they assumed dinosaurs and humans did not exist together!

Keep in mind I’m not trying to state this as fact, but there is strong evidence that suggests humans and dinosaurs very likely may have existed together.  There have been found what appear to be giant human footprints intermingled with the footprints of dinosaurs in the limestone bed of the Paluxy River in Texas.

One might find it hard to believe that giant humans ever existed!  However, not only does the bible contain numerous scriptural verses referencing giants in the book of Genesis (the Raphaim and Nephilim) and also during the time of King David (Goliath and the race of giants living in the land of Canaan), but science itself supports this theory!  Supposedly during the time of the dinosaurs there was considerably more oxygen in the atmosphere making the enormous size of the dinosaurs possible.  Therefore it would stand to reason that this same over abundance of oxygen would affect the mammals (saber-toothed cats and wooly mammoths) and subsequently, man as well.  We, as a race, would have become smaller as the oxygen in the atmosphere depleted itself over time – this is directly out of the science books!  Giant humans could have easily existed at that time!

Scientific evidence and mathematics can be easily used to debunk the Theory of Evolution as well as any theories advanced that support ideas and concepts that the universe, the earth and life occurred as a result of random events.

Whether OEC or YEC, both Creationism theories contend that the God of the bible created “the heavens and the earth” and everything contained in them by an act of will.  There is a great deal of evidence to support Creationism.  In fact, there was a scientific statement that read something to the effect of – if you eliminate everything that is false, what is left must be true.

In the articles that follow, we will explore many of the current popular theories, compare them to Creationism and look at how Creationism might impact, debunk or enhance these theories.  We will use science itself to support Creationism by looking closely at theories such as evolution and even atheism.  We will also go beyond popular theoretical viewpoints and attempt to shed additional light on other questionable issues.

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