The “Big Bang”

Videos shown on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the author, but are meant to shed light on theoretical subject matter only.  For better understanding of the author’s stance, please read the entire post.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”.  Genesis 1:1.

For the most part, science rejects the existence of God and yet He is interwoven into the very fabric of science.  Scientists for the most part agree that the universe had a beginning.  There are several theories to support this viewpoint, probably the most well-known and most popular being the “Big Bang” theory.

The “Big Bang” theory expounds upon Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and contends, in essence, that at one time there was no universe at all – just nothingness.  Merely attempting to wrap your head around that one is mind-boggling!  You almost simply have to imagine a color (mine is light grey) and imagine that in every direction for eternity that is all there is – no gases, no planets, no clouds, no vapors, no galaxies, no energies, not even atoms or subatomic particles – just nothingness in every direction forever!

By some incredible stroke of dumb luck, a “singularity” just appeared in this nothingness without provocation or forethought of any kind.  All of a sudden, presto!  There it was!  Something that simply appeared in the “nothing” purely by chance!  Incidentally, the mathematical odds of this happening are so low as to be zero percent (0%) chance.

This “singularity” is described as having had infinite density, kind of like what a black hole is believed to be only much, much denser .  If you can, try to imagine our entire universe crammed into a space smaller than an atom!  Impossible?  Only if viewed as a random event.

As theorized, this would lead one to believe that our entire universe, which was previously only nothingness, was suddenly just there completely intact inside this infinitely dense minute grain-of-dust “singularity” simply waiting to begin expanding!

Other schools of thought contend that the universe was actually formed within the singularity before expanding.  So now we have to answer the “how”.  How did the gases form inside the singularity.  How did energy, atoms, subatomic particles, planets, moons, gases, etc. come into existence within the singularity.  Regardless of how the singularity appeared in the nothing to begin with, we still have to try to answer how anything could have formed inside it.  Remember, it is unprovable that something can come into existence from nothing.

It also begs the question, “If this ‘singularity’ was actually a black hole that eventually became our universe, how can we have black holes inside of what was once essentially a black hole?”  This would be quite an interesting, yet perplexing question with yet another 0% probability randomly occurring event as part its answer.

One misconception regarding the “Big Bang” theory is that it emerged in a kind of massive explosion.  However, this is not what the actual theory contends.  Scientists believe that this “singularity” just sort of expanded – like blowing up a balloon – causing our finite universe to expand out to the edge of the “balloon” with the nothingness beyond it.  Theoretically, this expansion would have initially been quite hot, eventually cooling as it expanded.

The thing that doesn’t make sense is that no one knows where this “singularity” came from, why or how it appeared in the first place, what made it suddenly begin to expand or how our entire universe could have been essentially “preformed” as an infinitely dense “package” inside it.

There are many schools of thought with regard to the “Big Bang”, but while they all can explain to some degree how it all occurred, none of them can explain why.  Some scientists site negative and positive energies and the concept that as long as these energies remain constant (equal out to zero), then everything remains stable.  This may be true, but doesn’t explain where these energies came from.  The “why” appears to be an open and unsolvable equation until you insert God into the equation.  The video at the top of this page brings up some good points as to how the universe came into being, but still fails to explain why.  It claims that the idea of a God who has always existed is not satisfactory because there is no cause and effect.  However, what if there IS cause and effect.  To OUR minds the concept of time and space are infinite and yet they are not.  According to the Big Bang theory, they both began when the universe started expanding.  Before this, there was nothing – including time and space!

Science cannot conceive of a God that has always been.  However, what if that is not really the case.  What if God had a beginning.  After all, how many of us remember the day we were born?  What if God has simply existed for so long that His existence transcends the beginning of the universe, time and space?  Just because He hasn’t revealed His origination to us does not mean that He doesn’t have one.  It simply means we don’t know of it.  Think about it – He Himself states, “I am the Alpha and the Omega – the beginning and the end”.  He also states, “I AM.”  This very simple statement indicates this is exactly what He wants us to know.  He exists.  He is – period.  As far as He is concerned, we don’t need to know anything else about His existence unless we’re sharp enough to interpret the first statement.

Shouldn’t we maybe ask ourselves if part of that first statement might include a meaning with regard to Him being the first of all living beings?  This would indicate that somewhere back in the deepest recesses of pre-time and space He came into being – that He had a beginning!  I am not suggesting He came into existence from nothing.  Simply that it’s possible He may have had a beginning and we don’t know what that may have been.

It should also be noted that within the ancient Hebrew language each letter, each symbol, each combination of letters and symbols, each word and every combination thereof can have multiple meanings.  Therefore, it would stand to reason that there must have been a certain degree of difficulty translating these texts into English.  It is very possible that, while most of the English bible was probably translated correctly, that some meanings may not have been included.  When God said He is the Alpha and the Omega could easily have taken on multiple meanings in the Hebrew language.  When Jesus said it later, it would have been translated from Greek and not as likely to be misconstrued or mistranslated.

While the Big Bang theory itself actually makes sense, there are many other questions about the “WHY” that are not answered by it.  What does make sense is that a higher creative and cognitive power, a living being so far above the scope of what we could possibly understand, could have created the “singularity” from the nothingness and caused it to expand, eventually creating the universe as we know it today.

First, one thing we DO know from science is that “it cannot be proven that something can be created from nothing” and this is even with scientists trying to do just that!  Therefore, it is completely absurd, not to mention impossible, that something can be created from nothing purely by any kind of chance or random occurrence.  Even science agrees with this statement even though they are doing everything they can to prove it wrong and failing miserably at every turn.  Millions of dollars poured into research which in every case fails.  Mankind will never be able to create something from nothing – feel free to prove me wrong at any time.  And creating life from existing DNA/RNA doesn’t count.

Second, the Big Bang theory contends that, not only did the singularity simply appeared in the midst of nothing, but that when it did, the entire universe was basically pre-packaged inside it!  This could easily be contended as yet another impossibility unleashed upon an unsuspecting public by a questionable group of scientific “experts”.

So far we can surmise with regard to the “Big Bang” theory – which was developed by a triad of British astrophysicists of which the individual hailed as the world’s most intelligent person, Stephen Hawking, was part of – that regardless of who thought it up or how prestigious this group was, the simple fact of the matter is that the theory is mathematically, not to mention physically impossible.  It simply holds no water, much like a rowboat with a missing bunghole plug.

Third, why would the singularity begin to expand?  Why DIDN’T it explode or implode upon itself instead?  What are the odds that this tiny infinite density singularity that appeared from nothing in nothing and contained the entire universe intact simply began to expand as a random event and didn’t blow up or implode destroying the entire thing?  Dare I say it?  OK – pretty much 0%!

Let’s reduce this theory to its LCD (lowest common denominator).  It is not possible for something to appear from nothing purely by chance.  To even extend such a theory is ridiculous!  To think that our universe came as a pre-formed package inside a singularity that happened to appear in nothing by some chance event is even MORE absurd!  And to top it all off, to contend that it then began to expand on its own purely by chance when the odds would have been much higher that it would simply destroy itself from some massive explosion or implosion.  Put them all together and you already have a list of three zero percent probabilities perpetuated and delivered to the doorstep of humanity by the greatest minds of the scientific community with full support from the scientific community.

I’m not sure how most people take this, but to me it seems that, “somethin’ aint right in the chicken coop!”  The scientific community appears to be making a massive effort to keep God out of the equation even when it is perfectly obvious to the rest of us that He belongs there!  After all, there is a very good reason that 86.4% of Americans believe in God (and that’s just the Christian population, not including the sizable Muslim population in the USA who, incidentally, just happen to believe in the SAME GOD).  The average American may not be as educated as most scientists, but it would appear they have a considerably higher degree of “common sense”.

I guess it really doesn’t take a genius to figure out that God not only exists, but belongs here with us as part of our lives on every level.

So let’s ask another question – was the “Big Bang” possible if we insert God into the equation?  Absolutely!  The “Big Bang” theory is really not very far removed from the creation events recorded near the beginning of Genesis in the bible.  And think of this – would it not be much simpler for God to create the entire universe on a miniature scale first and then simply give it the command to expand?  Just a thought because it is extremely unlikely it just began expanding on its own.

The only way the “Big Bang” theory can possibly “plug the bung” and hold any water is if there is a Creator – a higher power so to speak – added to the equation.   The theory as it stands is impossible and completely implausible even if it does come from three world renowned British astrophysicists!

The idea that the universe, the earth and life could not possibly be chance events is also the contention of some schools of thought among scientists and has given rise to the concept of Intelligent Design.

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