String Theory

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“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”.  Genesis 1:1.

Here I am again getting into more theoretical discussion regarding the creation of the universe.  This time with regard to String Theory which, while it is a completely separate theory, has been connected loosely as an attempt to try to mathematically explain the Big Bang Theory.

Please allow me to digress for a very brief history lesson.  Sir Isaac Newton, the discoverer of gravity, was also the creator of calculus.  He came up with calculus as a mathematical means of making sense of unseen forces like the laws of motion and gravity.  Since then, mathematical means of explaining that which we can’t see, feel, touch or smell have grown exponentially (pun intended).  What was known as “Natural Philosophy” during the time of Newton is now known as “Theoretical Physics” and has grown to include quantum mathematics as a means of trying to solve some very complex ideas and concepts.

There were three Particle Theorists who gave birth to String Theory in 1970, around the same time as the concept of the Big Bang was theorized by three British Astrophysicists of which Stephen Hawking was part.

A very, very basic explanation of String Theory is that it contends all matter as being made up of tiny strings.  This is to say that, while previous concepts contended the movement of atomic particles, String Theory contended that these particles also oscillate, like plucking a guitar string.  Mathematically it almost makes sense, but not everything can be explained with this theory.  For instance, there has never been a satisfactory mathematical formula under String Theory to explain gravity.  While many other forces in the universe can be explained using String Theory mathematics, gravity is relatively weak by comparison to these other forces and doesn’t equate using String Theory math.

More recently, dimensions were introduced, but String Theory was using ten dimensions in its mathematical equations whereas there were other theories using other dimensional quantities to try to explain the universe from a mathematical viewpoint.  We as humans with our normal set of senses can experience first-hand three dimensions – x, y and z or length, width and depth.  The fourth dimension is something most of us can at least somewhat grasp – space-time.

It was discovered that String Theory wasn’t plausible due to there being five separate equations that all worked to explain the formation of the universe backward to the Big Bang!  Too many working equations to explain the same thing means something is wrong – it just wasn’t plausible.

However, theorists have conceived of as many as 11 dimensions to try to explain the universe and its formation mathematically.  Enter M-Theory.  M-Theory built a single working mathematical equation to try to explain the formation of the universe basically using String Theory in conjunction with 11 dimensions (instead of 10) and a few other nuts and bolts to hold it together.  Funny that once 11 dimensions was introduced to String Theory, the previous five equations were actually found to be one equation and by introducing one more dimension, it brought all five together!  More on M-Theory next article, but for now we know that, while String Theory can be used to explain many things, it still doesn’t work to explain gravity, life or universal stability.

Personally, I can’t help but still see God in the big picture.  The math can explain a lot of “hows”, but it is still not able to explain any “whys”.  I currently know of no theory, no matter how complex the mathematics, that will work to explain the “why” of anything whatsoever nor, for that matter, the “how” of life.  It still cannot be explained how life could possibly come to exist without outside influence.

In other words, theorists may be able to explain many things with regard to how the universe may have been created using quantum physics and mathematics as their tools.  However, they still cannot explain the beginning of life, why gravity is weaker than other natural forces or why the universe is as stable as it is.  Physics may be able to explain some of HOW the universe is stable, but not WHY.  The idea that everything has happened by chance cannot be explained mathematically because all equations produce the probabilities as nearly zero.  And this is for each separate instance!  So how can you possibly add together numerous zero percent probabilities to obtain a satisfactory answer?

Science, in going to such extremes in their attempt to remove God from their equations, has presented us with, what appear to be, absolutely absurd theories in an attempt to support the mathematics instead of using mathematics to support the science!

Next post – M-Theory.  Wait until you get a load of THIS one!  I’m not saying there isn’t any truth to it, just that in their attempt to explain the workings of the universe (maybe a better term would be universes), science has come up with concepts and ideas that are considerably more “out there” than any concept of a single all-powerful deity running the show from a place called heaven.

Also, no matter how complex the mathematics involved, they cannot explain anything involving WHY.  Only HOW.  How the universe was created is great to know and even after being explained doesn’t seem to stray too far from the events as recorded in Genesis of the bible.

Also there is no mathematical equation to satisfactorily explain the presence of life.  No equation has been produced to satisfactorily explain how life can be created from nothing.  Especially sentient life!  I’ll go more into this in subsequent posts as well.

Also there are currently no equations to satisfactorily explain why the universe is as stable as it is.  Why gravitational pull isn’t stronger than it is.

So many unanswerable questions unless you put God into the equation.  Once He is established as part of any equation, only then do they all make sense!  Without Him, none of them will ever be quite adequate or complete.

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  1. I like to keep the mystery as a mystery until there will be more mysteries to follow and then I am ok with finding out about my initial curiosity. Awesome post!

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