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“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”.  Genesis 1:1.

This will be the last “creation-of-the-universe” theory I’m going to touch on for a while.  M-Theory is the most recent creation theory to drop its hat into the creation theory ring.  It was conceived in 1994 by a String Theorist named Edward Witten of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

It is built upon String Theory which had gone through somewhat of a morphing process, having five different, yet workable theories.  Obviously an overabundance of working theories within the same theory doesn’t work.  String Theory and, subsequently Superstring Theory was built on the concept of ten dimensions – the three space dimensions we know of along with the time dimension.  The other six dimensions were thought of to be kind of wrapped up very tightly and not seen or noticed, but considered to be additional space/time dimensions.

Along came Edward Witten and, in an attempt to bring the five working theories together, he introduced an eleventh dimension to the mix.  This dimension is thought of to be a kind of membrane.

This is a very difficult theory to understand and what I’ve stated above is an oversimplified explanation of it.  However, the more I read into it, the more it seems as if the theories are more and more being contrived to make the mathematics work than the math working to support the theories.

I mean, really!  Eleven dimensions, ten of which are space/time.  Six of those are not provable by any means OTHER than mathematics and the eleventh is a membrane that cannot be seen, heard, felt, or tasted!  Talk about the absolute height of science fiction!

So this is what science would have us as a society of rational, thinking human beings believe.  An ever-changing series of theoretical near-misses.  Yet in the ultimate wisdom of the scientific community the concept of an all-powerful deity is absurd?  Really?  To quote the guys on ESPN’s Monday Night Football pre-game show, “C’Mon Man!!”

And does M-Theory really disprove the existence of God?  If you consider that mainstream physics through the quantum application of String and M-Theory seems to support an infinite number of possible universes each with different governing laws, some of which may exist without laws of space OR time as we know it, then the concept of God as a being who exists outside the parameters of space and time is not the least bit far-fetched and is actually supported by science itself!

The deeper I get into all the varying theories, the more they confirm my belief in God.  As the theories become more and more absurd, they seem to raise more questions than they answer:

  • Why did the Big Bang happen?
  • How did the singularity even come into existence?
  • Why did the singularity begin to expand?
  • How did the eleventh dimensional membrane come into existence?
  • Why is gravity weaker than the other three main forces/interactions of nature?
  • Why is there stability in the universe as we know it?
  • How did life come into existence?
  • How/Why is there such an abundance of different life forms on earth?

There are SO many questions that these “super-advanced” theories leave unanswered.  Yet if they simply insert God into their equations, everything comes together and works in one simple, beautiful and complete equation.  Attempting contention that He has no part in the workings of the universe and creation of life is absurd.  God is the only viable answer.  All theories leading to and including M-Theory, while they may offer some promising solutions, do not cover all bases and it is unlikely they ever will.

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