God, Gravity and the Universe

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From previous articles, we have seen the true impossibility of the Big Bang Theory, String Theory AND M-Theory as random events.  I am not saying that there is no truth to any of these theories, I’m just saying they cannot be true as random, chance events.  It is simply not possible.

No matter how you perform the math, it will never support any of these theories as random happenings.  A singularity could not have simply appeared in the “nothing” by chance.  It could not make a conscious choice to begin expanding.  Mass could not have randomly been created within this expanding “bubble”.  SOMETHING cannot be created from NOTHING purely by chance.  This is our first zero percent probability, but wait bluelight shoppers, there are more!

Science contends that the series of events and evolutionary changes which have occurred since the inception of our universe have been without guidance of any kind and that these events have happened purely by chance.

As intelligent human beings, we should question both the Evolutionary Theory and the concept of chance happenstance.  It is largely forgotten that the Evolutionary Theory is just that – a theory.  This means that it has NOT been proven to be fact, but only one possible, not to mention outdated (over 150 years), explanation of how life came to exist and the series of events that elevated man to the top of the food chain.

However, science has embraced this theory as fact. It has for many years been taught as fact in most public schools and has been shown and illustrated as fact in documentaries.  The only REAL fact with regard to the Evolutionary Theory is that there is no hard proof whatsoever to support it!

Even if you submit to it, there are a number of points that are not explained or supported by this theory.

In the next post I will go deeper into the extreme unlikelihood of life occurring simply by chance or that the many, many different life forms on this planet could have actually “evolved” from single-celled organisms that appeared from nothing in some long distant past. However, for now please allow me to elaborate on the stability of the earth’s orbit around the sun.  Not only our particular orbit, but also how there is a perfect balance with regard to gravitational influences throughout the entire universe such that it maintains its stability and has not imploded or collapsed upon itself.

The universe has been stable for thousands (if you subscribe to the YEC theory) or maybe even billions of years and our earth is a part of that universal gravitational stability.  According to mathematical theories associated with gravity, this should not be the case because gravity is so much weaker than other forces/interactions of nature.  Modern physics doesn’t seem to be able to calculate gravity without introducing multiple unseen and previously unknown multiple dimensions (eleven in all)!  If gravity were equal to the other natural forces, our universe would very likely still be an infinite density pre-Big Bang singularity!

Taking all this into consideration, how are we supposed to believe that our earth could possibly be so stable as to sustain life and that our perfect and stable orbit around our sun could possibly have occurred without guidance of any kind?

From the beginning to the present, the earth has never shifted so much as one degree closer to or farther away from the sun!  One degree closer and the surface of the planet would burn up!  One degree further away and it would freeze!   That is not just stable, but incredibly stable!  Conjecture has been that the earth has even been struck by some pretty large meteors in its past and probably even shifted drastically on its axis more than once!  Yet the orbit itself has remained in-tact!

All animal life on this planet is dependent upon the plant life.  Anyone who lives in a desert climate can attest to the difficulties involved in growing and maintaining plant life there.  Imagine if the earth were only a little closer to the sun and the climate was even hotter than the hottest desert around the entire planet!  The entire planet would be a Death Valley replica – parched, cracked and waterless.  Most, if not all, life on earth would cease to exist!  The same is true if earth’s orbit were just a little further away from the sun!  The surface of the earth would be a frozen wasteland.  There might still be life of some sort, but it would be in a perpetual cryogenic freeze.

Bottom line – if the plant life dies off, everything dies off!  It would not take very much to crash our very delicate ecosystem.  The slightest variance in the orbit of the earth would end most of the life on this planet.

Give thought to this – chaos has no rules and, therefore, requires no maintenance.  Order is considerably more difficult not only to accomplish, but to maintain.  Our solar system is structured, orderly and even self-correcting.   The gravitational pull from the sun and each planet on all the others must be in perfect order for the earth to maintain an orbit that sustains life!  Beyond our solar system, the same is true for the entire universe!  Everything is balanced and perfect.  To believe that this all happened by chance is simply absurd!  This is our second zero percent probability.

To this point, we now have two zero percent probability factors.  This is math in its simplest form – zero plus zero equals …

No rocket science required for that math – and there is more!  Next article, we’ll give attention to the third zero percent probability factor – Evolution Theory itself.  How did life come into existence and did it ever really “evolve”?

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In an article from September 2010, Stephen Hawking speculates on M-Theory among other things – over a year later, answers still pending.

Hawking writes, “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.  Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist.  It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.”

So according to Hawking, gravity, which itself had to come from somewhere, and not God, created the universe and life as we know it.  Hmmm, food for thought or has the man completely come unglued?  Let me reiterate – something cannot be created from nothing.  The universe could not and would not have created itself from nothing because nothingness would also mean NO GRAVITONS!

Gravitons, the particles which make up gravity, also had to come from somewhere!  If gravity created everything as Hawking suggests, it certainly could not have created itself!  While his theories may once have been revered, they more recently seem to be completely absurd!


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