About Me

Ten years ago, I was given what I consider to be a gift from God.  It was something that I asked Him for and he has been giving to me ever since.

Being of a more analytical persuasion, I had always found it pretty much impossible to understand how anyone could believe in something so far removed from their daily lives.  There seemed to be absolutely no evidence supporting the existence of God.  I just didn’t get it.

One day in 2001, an idea came to me and I just simply looked upward and said, “God, if you’re really there and you really DO exist, could you please just give me SOMETHING I can grasp?  Anything at all that would convince me that You and Your Word are real?”  I felt that even though my belief was pretty weak at the time, I was still raised to show respect, so I went on to apologize if I was out of line, but that I really felt I needed something/anything to convince me.  If my beliefs were to change, I felt that I just needed some proof.

A couple of weeks later the newest copy of “Wired” magazine was delivered to my workplace and in it was an article comparing Evolution to Creationism.  I was quite surprised to find that the article, while not showing any disrespect to either side, seemed to show more support for Creationism and went on to explain why, siting references and evidence derived from science and quantum mathematics.  I was floored!  I immediately thought back to two weeks prior and my little prayer asking for some kind of proof.

This was only the beginning.  Over the last ten years, I’ve been led to many conclusions that I believe have been gifted to me from The Lord and now I would like to share them with others.  I would, at this time, like to try to help others like myself understand Creationism from a more scientific viewpoint and also to help people of a more non-science persuasion to understand Creationism from a new perspective and not simply try to explain it to others as “Blind Faith” or that thing you feel in your heart as truth.  For people like myself, this has never really made any sense even though I now truly respect it for what it is – the faith in God and in Jesus to lead us and guide us through our lives even though we may not be able to see the evidence of it anywhere else but our hearts.

I believe I now have a much better understanding of this “Blind Faith”, but it took science (and maybe a little direction from God) to point me in the right direction.


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