Atheism and Evolution

Videos shown on this page do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the author.  For better understanding of the author’s stance, please read the entire post.

In the following video we see two individuals who are obviously pleased with themselves for thinking they have won their case against a guy who obviously didn’t have scientific or mathematical fact to back himself up.  The poor guy probably should not have called these people to begin with.  As can be seen in the video, they are both quite smug and confident that they will be able to win any argument against ANYONE who would dare challenge them.

This video goes to show one of the reasons I believe as I do.  These two appear to have no moral compass and don’t care how they treat others so long as they are able to make themselves appear to be mentally superior.  These two in particular seem to take great pleasure in showing their mental prowess and superiority over those who might dare to enter their lair unprepared.  While I would not wish to take anything away from their obviously generous intellect, I feel that this kind of verbal attack is unwarranted against a guy who simply should not have called them.

Funny how every time you see one of these videos, it depicts the “Star(s)” of the show simply having their way with the poor sap on the other end who simply doesn’t know how to handle them.  It generally depicts them making a fool out of that person and you never see the episodes of individuals who are capable of challenging them on a level equal to or greater than their own and are able to support their issues with conviction even at two to one odds.  These two seem to bask in their imagined superiority over the “simple-minded and ignorant” Christian factor.  After all, who could possibly believe in something that isn’t scientifically provable – right?  Sorry, I was being a little facetious and maybe just a touch overbearing too.  Sound familiar?

Bottom line – I’ve found that while most Christians are scattered in their religious convictions, have no real earthly leadership to speak of, may be a bit narrow-minded (after all, the Muslims believe in the SAME GOD WE DO!), I’ve also found them mostly on an individual basis to be a very supportive and loving people.  While this is not true of all Christian denominations, it does seem to be the norm for most.

 I would like to point out that most Atheists and Evolutionists are not like the two individuals depicted in this video.  They, like myself are looking for answers and use science as their weapon of choice to try to find the answers they seek.  I think maybe if they were to dig a little deeper in other directions, many who ask their questions and look for their answers with an open mind might quickly discover that the same science they believe in can easily be used to debunk itself!  Quantum physics and mathematics can be used to completely disprove the creation of the universe, the earth and life itself as random events.  You cannot look at the fact that there is life and then try to trace backwards and expect a satisfactory or accurate answer.  Likewise, you can’t simply state that there is a universe and try to trace it backward to the Big Bang.  Theorists, physicists and cosmologists have come up with multiple theories including the Big Bang, String Theory and the most recent M-Theory and none of them have a satisfactory outcome as to how the universe was created, why gravity is weaker than other natural forces or for that matter with regard to life itself!  None of these completely work and if you keep digging deeper, you simply end up with more questions than answers.

There are many individuals who are maybe a little overzealous in their approach and will sometimes end up resorting to vicious verbal attacks on Christians and Creationists assuming their own opinions are correct and that they have science to back them up.  However, there was a time when the convictions of science were that the earth was flat, that people needed to be bled to be healthy, that tomatoes were poisonous, etc.   You can go on and on and on about the religion of science and how “perfect” it is.

History speaks for itself.  Sometimes science is correct, but more often it is constantly correcting itself.

My personal opinion is – no matter who you associate yourself with – Christians, Gnostics, Atheists, Evolutionists or whomever – that’s fine with me.  We can just agree to disagree.

I do hope you enjoyed the video above and the lack of any respect shown by these people toward their caller.  Fortunately this kind of smug attitude is not the norm for people who happen to question the worship of deities and who prefer to rely on the science of man.  Not everyone can find it within them to accept the existence of God.

There are those who prefer to use science as their weapon of choice and are, at times, overly convicted in their efforts to share their knowledge with others.

Once again, I have no problem with their beliefs.  It would just be nice if people like the ones portrayed in the above video would treat other people who don’t see things the way they do with a little more respect and understanding.  If they wish to explain their side of things, they might consider doing so with the feelings of others in mind.  I think if these folks looked at God and Creationism with more of an open mind and used science to look more closely at Creationism, they might just find answers they had not expected to find.


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