Write Me an E-Mail

Feel Free to Submit an EmailPlease feel free to use this contact form to send me a direct e-mail if you have a question you would prefer having answered on more of a one-on-one basis or if you would simply prefer to contact me outside of the blog posts.

Please keep in mind the same rules apply as to the blog posts.  I will answer civilized individuals as promptly as I can.  However, if your intent is merely to send disruptive, insulting, threatening, viscous or malicious comments, then please feel free to keep them to yourself.  They won’t be answered anyway and I won’t get very far into them before they are deleted so your efforts will be wasted.  However, feel free to submit a donation.  It will be graciously and thankfully appreciated.  After all – every little bit helps make this site more than it has started out as.

I will try to respond to all valid emails as soon as possible.  Thank you and God bless.


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