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Donations accepted for Science For God website

My name is Brian Falor and my hope is that I’ll be able to eventually build this site into something much more.  To get things started, I’ve created it as a free blog using the WordPress format.  I am hoping to eventually increase its capacity by upgrading to the paid version.  There is considerably more that can be done with the site after the upgrade has been done.

Therefore, I am accepting donations from those willing and able to do so.  I understand the economy is pretty bad right now and this blog will always be offered FREE for everyone to access equally.

Your generous donations will be used to upgrade and maintain this blog to the best of my ability.  My intent is to use it to show that God and science work in unison to create the universe, the earth and life as we know it.  I also wish to enlighten with regard to some of the falsehoods and myths that have evolved since the time of the original Christian churches.

I understand this may offend some individuals and I would like to apologize in advance if this happens.  It is not my intent to offend – only to shine light on the truth.  Will it be the truth as I see it?  I suppose there is always that possibility although it is not my intent to interject my personal opinion, but to merely try to find truth with respect to God and Creationism and present it as directly and devoid of personal opinion and emotion as I am able to.

It is true that I am quite passionate about this subject matter and have a strong drive to try to root out truth if I can.  I feel and I hope that I have been given a mission by The Lord.  That mission is to try to help others who are analytical thinkers like myself to find their way to these same truths.  Most will very likely not open their minds or their hearts to accept these truths and will remain convicted to their current belief systems, whatever they may be.  In these cases, I hope we can simply agree to disagree.  There is no point in these individuals trying to attack my beliefs as their attacks will change nothing.

By the same token, I am merely passing on what I have learned.  If this helps you to find your way to God, then I’ve accomplished my goal and helped someone begin a new journey.  If not, then I understand you do not see things in the same light and can continue whatever journey you’re currently embarked upon.  No harm, no foul.

My other hope is that people who already believe in God, but who may have difficulty expressing or discussing more technical and/or scientific matters will get something from this blog and maybe somewhere in these words you may find the means to convey God’s light to others who would try to use science as a tool to beat down your beliefs.  While I don’t believe that would be possible, it may be possible to open the minds of others and enlighten them with information they may not have previously considered.

In these pages and posts I am attempting to explain things at a more grass roots level so that everyone can understand.  If you have questions and you would like things  explained better or more in depth, please feel free to reach out and write a comment in one of the “Reply” boxes on the site.  I will be more than happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability.

If you do not believe in God and are a devout Atheist or Evolutionist and have legitimate questions you would like me to answer or debate, I’ll do my best to comply.  I don’t mind a good, healthy debate.  However, if you have no intent other than to disrupt, insult or otherwise submit vicious or malicious comments, I will very likely not answer these nor will I approve them to be posted – just letting you know up front that if this is your intent, you’re wasting your time.  However, I will still be happy to accept your gracious and generous donation!

If you would like to donate, I can currently accept donations through Paypal by clicking the link below.  Remember, every little bit helps.

Donate Here


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