The Beginning of Life

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We have discussed in previous articles the first two zero percent probabilities which the scientific community supports as truth – the creation and subsequent stability of our universe as random and chance events.  None of the theories introduced by the scientific community hold any real truths and the mathematics behind these theories seem to be more convoluted than ever.  It looks more and more as if the theories are being generated to fit the math than the math being generated to support any valid theories!

Having said this, let’s move on to zero percent probability number three – the creation of life as viewed by science.  The scientific community itself has not been able to prove in any way that something can be created from nothing.  Stephen Hawking’s statement that gravity could have randomly created the universe is absurd being that graviton particles themselves had to come from somewhere!  Could life have simply generated itself from non-living matter without any kind of outside assistance?

This is one of the most unlikely scenarios of all!  Mankind cannot yet generate life given complete DNA structures to work with in laboratories filled with the wonders of modern technology!  In other words, we have the building blocks already in front of us and we still can’t create life.  So how could the scientific community have actually convinced itself that any kind of life could have “miraculously appeared” naturally and without any assistance of any kind purely as a random event?

Do we really even need to go into mathematics and probabilities on this one?  The odds on this having occurred at all are even less than the previous two zero percent probabilities!

Alien theories hold more water than that!  Although, any way you look at it, life had to have a beginning – ALL LIFE, ANY LIFE.  Therefore, even if you were to subscribe to the idea that life on earth was put here by alien beings, where did they have their beginning?  The idea that life was put here by aliens really doesn’t hold much water either.   After all:

  1. How did they get here?
  2. Why go through all the trouble to come here even if they happened to miraculously single out our tiny planet at the edge of the universe?
  3. Why go through all the trouble of introducing life to a planet which, in the early going, must have been going through many geological changes?

The trip here to begin with would be ridiculous!  Alien theorists would have us believe that the aliens, being so much more intelligent than humans, would have found a way to get here by such means that we beings of such limited intelligence would have very little understanding.  Means such as inter-dimensional travel or by passing through the folds in space itself.  Very Star Trek.  Also very unlikely.

First of all, there is no proof whatsoever that inter-dimensional travel is even possible.  Second, if science measures the distance in space by the speed of light (the time to travel from one place to another in space measured in light years or the time it takes for light to travel from one point to another – years being a very pertinent word here), then obviously anyone wishing to visit us from another galaxy would have a very, very long road trip.

So if we then consider the option of travelling through the folds in space, then how could alien beings pass through these folds if science has determined that light does not – after all, space distances are calculated in light years, not light minutes or hours.  Aliens and their spacecraft would be made of living and non-living matter.  Light particles, or photons, have no mass.  Therefore, if you subscribe to the theory of space travel through the folds of space enabling a much faster journey, would that not require a complete re-tooling of scientific measuring of distances in space by light years?  After all, if aliens could move large masses through the folds of space (another theory with only an extremely slim chance of any validity), then by the same principles, photons which have no mass should be able to easily pass through these folds making light years quite possibly more like light hours and other solar systems much closer than they appear!

Another alien theory is that a reptilian race of “gods” created the current human race using DNA from the simian cro-magnan species.  The theory basically states that this reptilian race came to our planet from a tenth planet (or ninth now that Pluto is no longer considered a planet) called Nibiru.  The story is that they created the human race as a slave race to mine precious metals for them because somehow these metals helped them preserve their atmosphere.  The pre-history to this story is that their planet at one point collided with the earth and that the earth re-formed itself to become what it is now and that the rest of the planet became the asteroid belt.  Supposedly Nibiru has an extreme elliptical orbit that takes 3600 of our years to make a single orbit around the sun and that its inner orbit takes it between Mars and Jupiter.

Belief in this probably stems partly from the ancient Mesopotamian hieroglyphs that have been decoded which tell of this legend and partly because of the dragon legends which are prolific in nearly every ancient culture around the globe.  Because of these two things alone, which actually have some kind of substance, this theory probably holds more water than anything modern science has managed to inundate us with.

However, there are still some major holes in this belief as well:

  1. Has anyone EVER seen an intelligent reptile?  The closest thing would probably be the Australian Bearded Dragon which has some small degree of intelligence.
  2. A planet that has an elliptical orbit that takes it so far away from the sun that it is beyond the distance of Pluto is extremely unlikely to be able to support any kind of life, especially reptilian!  Reptiles cannot generate their own body heat and must depend on their surroundings for it.  The only possible answer would be a race living deep underground to keep themselves close to the only heat source that would be available to them – the planet core.
  3. Even if the race could burrow underground and keep itself close enough to the planet core for warmth, what would they eat?  The planet would not be able to proliferate any kind of plant life and they would only be able to cannibalize themselves for so long before they ran out of each other to feed from.   And what about water?  Even reptiles need water!
  4. It is unlikely, if either planet had collided with the other, that intelligent life would have been able to form from such a massive natural disaster – especially on Nibiru being that its orbit would have been altered to take it so distant from the sun that optimal conditions for reptilian life to flourish would not be present.

While this is a wonderful story, it only tells of how the human race may have come into existence.  It still does not explain where life came from – not on earth or anywhere else.

One thing is certain – life itself, cognizant or not and no matter where it began, had to have some kind of jump start.  It cannot be created from non-living matter and cannot be created from nothingness as a chance and random event.  Science cannot duplicate it and will never be able to do so.  Even if they reach a point where they somehow manage to create life from its building blocks, they will never be able to create it from nothing and the odds are stacked highly against ever creating it from non-living matter!  You can’t create a starfish from a grain of sand.

Moving on, I’d like to introduce Intelligent Design Theory.  Intelligent Design – now we are finally getting to a theory that contains some degree of sense.  Finally, something to build valid theories around and something that maybe mathematics can actually support instead of trying to build outlandish theories simply because you want to make the math work!


Intelligent Design is a relatively recent theory introduced by a group of scientists, philosophers and scholars who have scientifically determined through their own observations, hypotheses, mathematics and other means that there must be some kind of intelligence behind creation.  These individuals are not necessarily convinced that the Intelligent Designer is the same as the God of the bible, but ARE convinced that everything, both living and non-living, must have been designed and created by a higher intelligence.

The following videos are meant to be seen one after the other as they are all related:




At least it appears that they are moving in the right direction for a change.  There is no proof whatsoever that lends itself to the idea that the creation of the universe, the stability of the universe and the subsequent creation of life happened as random and chance events.  In fact, the evidence AND the math suggest completely the opposite!

Simply stated, the odds are zero percent probability AND plausibility with regard to these three huge events as theorized by the great minds of science – creation of the universe, stability of the universe AND inception of life – all three impossible as chance and random events.

From here we’ll go on to explore evolution, optimal conditions on earth to support life, more on intelligent design and its relationship to creationism, the bible and much more.  So stay tuned, there are many more posts to come.

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